News From The Bat Cave

What's Been Going on in Room 141 This Week

The Bat Cave's Vision

This week we built our vision, which is a statement about what we believe will help us to learn efficiently. This belief is not something I stuck up on the wall and told the students they needed to do. We built this statement as a class. Through a variety of activities and conversations we derived this vision together. We've modeled and practiced. We've discussed. This vision will help us to remember how we will be able to learn best throughout the year. We have also added movement to the words to help us remember this important vision.
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Memorial School Practices a Fire Drill

This week we had our very first whole school fire drill. It was a practice and there were no alarms. The Bat Cave has been practicing what we need to do in case of a fire. We began by reading a cute read aloud called Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill, which was really helpful because the class in the book has procedures very similar to what we need to do. The book also addresses any fear of nervousness about a fire drill. It can be a little scary, but we know that a practice means there really isn't any danger or emergency.

We know our primary exit route and we know where our designated spot is outside. Our class did a fantastic job stopping everything, lining up quickly, walking and waiting quietly, and listening intently during our first practice! We even got compliments from other teachers!

Literacy Centers

This week we continued our work on letter identification and letter sounds, but we also learned that there are two letters that are also WORDS!!!! Kindergarten friends need to be able to read twenty-five sight words by the end of the school year. Sight words are words that we need to look at and just know; most times they are words that cannot be sounded out. Our first two sight words are "I' and "A" and some of our centers this week have been focused on these words. We have traced them, written them, used them in a simple sentence, and used playdoh to make them.
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New Tools in the Bat Cave

This week we learned how to use some new tools that we will be using throughout the year. Stamps and ink pads were introduced and we had some chances to practice using this potentially very messy tools.

Technology was also introduced this week. Our classroom is fortunate enough to have daily access to five laptops, three iPads and one desktop. We practiced our SOP for using laptops: 1) squirt of sanitizer 2) grab headphones 3) carry laptop with two hands 4) get started quickly and quietly. Our school has access to, which has literacy and math choices. As the year goes forward, we will be using iPads and learning about new websites that will enrich our learning.

Internet Safety Video

NetSmartzKids - Router's Birthday Surprise

Meet Memorial

New to the Bat Cave

We have started learning about monarch butterflies and the butterfly life cycle. A life cycle is a series of changes that happen over one's life, in this case, the monarch butterfly. The first stage in the cycle is an egg. The second stage is the caterpillar (the caterpillar's first meal outside of the egg is the egg itself!!). The third stage is the chrysalis. Finally, the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis and the life cycle starts all over again!

We have nine caterpillars in our room and right now. Four of them have spun themselves into their chrysalis so helpfully in the next week or so we will see our first butterflies!

Amazing Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

Kindergarten Cafeteria Expectations

This week we had a grade level lesson all about our job in the cafeteria. We learned how to enter the cafeteria quietly, how to get our hot lunch, and how to take care of our trash. We also learned what to do if we need help or forgot to get something. All of these lessons that we have been doing (last week was recess next week will be hallways) will be very helpful for a reason I can't quite tell you yet <insert crazy teacher laugh here>

Stay tuned folks!


Drum Roll Please.....

This week, the first week, our superhero student is Owen! We learned a lot about him this week like....

Full Name: Owen Braden Austin

He has 0 brothers and 2 sisters.

His favorite color is blue.

His hobbies are riding bikes, swinging, and playing with his animals (stuffies).

When Owen grows up, he wants to be a dad and a hunter.

His favorite thing to do in kindergarten is show and tell time.

Owen believes he is good at drawing and making trains with the toys.

We started practicing estimating this week too! Owen brought in a jar of plastic dinosaurs and we all made estimates (guesses) of how many we thought we in the jar. We counted 22 objects and we had several friends whose estimates were pretty close!!

Thanks so much Owen and great job this week!

Little Patriot T-Shirts for Everyone!

Our Patriot Parents were kind enough to purchase all of our kindergarten friends brand new GNG Patriot t-shirts! I will warn you - I tried my best to choose a size for your kiddo that was a bit big so that the shirt can be worn over the next three years. Fingers crossed that happens!! I passed out the t-shirts this afternoon, so be sure to check backpacks! If anyone left early today, I have the shirt still on my desk.


MONDAY - Ms. Montgomery

TUESDAY - Madalyn's Birthday Snack



FRIDAY - Brandon

**October Snack Calendars will be coming home Monday**


Oct 9th - No School (Teacher Inservice)

Oct 12th - No School (Columbus Day)

Oct 22nd - Common Conference Night (stay tuned for more information about parent/teacher conferences)

Oct 26th - Picture ReTake Day

Oct 29th - Early Release (Dismissal is at 1pm)