Beijing, China

Come to beijing

Beijing has lots of good food and lots of good places to see. also has good weather and interesting culture.


In Beijing there are lots to eat. Usually in Beijing for breakfast is people eat leftovers. One of there famous dinner is peaking Duck also known as roasted duck. It is also the most celebrated food in Beijing. A restaurant in Beijing called Mansion Bouled also sell a popular food called DB burgers.


There are many pretty sights in Beijing. For example the picture above is a place called Tiananmen Square.It is a massive 440,000 square meter area like Times Square. To the south is a temple called The Temple of Heaven . Theres also a place called the Great Wall of China. Those were the best thing to see there


If you want to go to Beijing you might want to learn mandarin chinese. That language is originated from Beijing. Around 1,000,000 speak mandarin chinese. It also doesn't have and alphabet. Most people has to memorize about 5,000 characters out of about 10,000 characters.



Beijing has some pretty good weather. Its highest temperature can get to 104 degrees and -18 degrees at its lowest. the precipitation 185mm and as low as 3mm


Beijing has some very interesting history and culture. Like in 1911 Sun Yat-son won the election to become president of Beijing. Did you know that Beijing is known as the forbidden city and was found as a trading post. Also most of Beijing people belong to a Chinese nation called Han.


there are many activities to do in Beijing. A famous thing to do in Beijing is opera. Another thing people like to do in Beijing is karaoke. One of the oldest activities is Zaji witch is Chinese acrobatics