Pittsburgh flood

St. Patrick's flood day

Date of flood:

March 17th and 18th of 1936


Pittsburgh, Pa

Rivers involved:

Ohio River/ Allegheny River/ Monongahela River

Size of area affected:

100,000 buildings destroyed. Estimate of damage is over 250 million. There was a power outage of 8 days.

Flood control measures that were in place:

There was no flood controls but was a positive for the flood that the city got money to put in reservoirs.

Recovery: How long did it take for the water to recede?

The recovery took 4 days. The final day the water was back to normal was at 24 inches on March 21st.

Three additional facts:

-This flood became known as the "Great st. Patrick's day flood".

-Flood levels peaked at 46 inches.

-Cause of flood was warmer-than-normal temperatures and torrential rain followed a cold and snowy winter, leading to the rapid melting of snow and ice on the upper rivers.