2015 Dickens Festival

Mia W., Brooke W., & Bryan B.

A LOT of Hard Work!

Parents and high school students made sure we were in the Christmas spirit! The hallways were decorated like the festive streets of London during the Christmas season. High school students worked hard to decorate classroom doorways to look like London storefronts! Christmas lights lit the hallways, and trees were decorated to get us in the holiday spirit. We think everyone did an AWESOME job!

Dickens Day Stations

The Pub and Bakery

We sampled foods and drinks that were common during the 1800s in London. We tried walnuts, roasted chestnuts, wassail, hard candy, and even plum pudding (which isn't even made of plums!).

In Fezziwig's Bakery, we learned about the poor working conditions for bakers. Bakers had to work in the bakery all night long and sleep while the bread was rising. Then, they had to sell the bread after working all day! During this station, we got to ice our own cookies!
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Picadilly Market and Pickwick Papers

Mrs. Smith taught us the history of sending holiday cards. We decorated our own Christmas cards for loved ones. After that, Mrs. Y. taught us some games they played during this time period. One of our favorite games was basketball, but we also enjoyed marbles, too!

Dickens House and The School House

We had a lot of fun at the 1800 London school house. We learned about what they did in school and how they wrote things down.Then we went on down to the Dickens house to learn a little bit about the dickens family.We learned about Charles Dickens childhood and background.

Belle's Ballroom and Laneve Carriage House

In Belle's ballroom we learned how they danced in the 1800's, and that is how they had fun. We loved learning how they used to dance! After dancing, we got to ride in a horse drawn carriage because this was peoples' main form of transportation!
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Caroling at Warble's Music Hall

We learned which cultures different Christmas carols came from. We also learned the meaning of the 12 Days of Christmas. We sang Christmas carols with Mr. Warble!

All the Little Details

On the day of the Festival, the hallways were lit only by candlelight, lanterns, and Christmas lights. We had to walk through the hallway with "candles" in order to see. This is how people had to do it in the 1800s!

High school students could be seen and heard caroling through the streets of London. There were a lot of little details to make us feel like we were really back in the time period! We even got to wear the clothing and hats we learned about in class!


A big THANK YOU is needed for all of the parents, students, teachers, and community members that helped put this fun day together!

A special thank you is for Mrs. Kathy Bartell and Mrs. LaNeve who put an enormous amount of time and energy into Dickens Festival!
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Our Sponsors


Riverside PTO

Riverside Education Foundation

Student Work -- Beautiful Wooden Sign

The High School Wood Shop

Bonnet & Skirt Constructor and Dance Instructor
Ms. Teri Jones

Photography & Bonnet Construction
Mr. and Mrs. LaNeve (Colleen's parents)

Food Samples at The Pub

Lori Newman and mother, Barb Peffer

Decorations, Showcase Items, and Baker
Sandy Henry and her awesome accent

High School Caroler Instructor

Debbie Cochenour

Donated Books to Students
The Hoyt Institute