AVID Fall Exam

Amber Fox ~ January 11, 2016 ~ AVID7-4

Cornell Note Taking

Cornell Notes helped me in my first semester tremendously. It's helped me organize my notes where I can study the things I need to know. I learned how to make my notes shorter and concise to get straight to the point. Also with writing Cornell Notes, I have enough time to write everything I need and put in questions in on things I do not understand, which will help me comprehend what I'm learning later. Cornell notes changed my learning and made it easier.
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Cornell Notes Picture


My organization has improved greatly this year. I now know where all my stuff is and where I placed it. I turned in all my stuff on time, because I had all my stuff correctly placed in my Avid binder. I'm thankful for the help this year.
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Tutorials have helped me improve my grades in classes that I have been struggling in. I like explaining what I did and realizing my mistakes when my classmates question me on what I'm not understanding. I have improved a lot in my classes from the tutorials we've been doing. The people in my group help me understand, which improves my grades.
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Trfs (Tutorial Request Form) have helped me map out my work. By putting them in different sections, I can know where to look if I need to remember something. I will now know how to organize my work into spaces thanks to tutorial request forms.
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Community Service

Community Service was a great experience for me this semester. It showed me that caring for the community not only makes people happy, but makes me happy also. It will also help me later in life where I can put it on my college applications.
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Mission Arlington Community Service

Public Speaking

Doing public speaking in Avid has improved my talking skills tremendously! I've learned how to be comfortable in front of a big crowd. I will now know how to talk in front of people without feelings uncomfortable and nervous, thanks to the Avid program.
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This next semester in Avid I will continue to increase my abilities in the things we are learning. I believe by doing all these things will not only help me this semester, but more to come. I will improve my public speaking skills tremendously. I'm going to strive to the top this semester. I'm used to Avid now where I can now do a lot more now that I'm comfortable. This semester is going to be a great experience.