2014 Chopstick and Pop it Madness

By Anna and Clare


Prices for chopstick madness:

1 minute is 10c

2 minute is 20c

3 minute is 40c

Prices for Pop it:

5 throws for 20c

10 throws for 30c

15 throws for 40c

20 throws for 50c


Chopstick madness

You need to use chopsticks and pick up lollies from the plate, then put it in the other plate

in a limited.If you pick up 10 lollies in 1 min then you will get a raffle ticket.

If you pick up 25 lollies in 2 min then you will get 2 raffle tickets.

If you pick up 35 lollies in 3 min then you will get 3 raffle tickets.You get to eat the lollies after you finish.

Pop it madness

You will have toothpicks