Southview Public School

November 23-November 27

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Soft Skills

In just finishing the Kindness Matter week, it is so great to see how many skills and strategies the students are using that have been explored this week. To continue helping students to develop using such important skills, this Week Ahead has other soft skills mentioned that students need to learn. Perseverance, Grit and Grace are important skills to address. The article below describes how staff can help students to develop these skills.

My Kindness Pledge...

Book to Share...

If anyone would like to borrow a copy of "Drive" by Daniel H. Pink, come and pick it up from the office downstairs! :) The article that was read on the P.A. is based on information from Pink's book.
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Upcoming Events

November 30 - Presentation to Legion Award Winners (2:00 @ Blue Stairs)

December 1- Jenny & Jenn @ Sagonaska Workshop, Tammy Visit (12:00)

December 2 - Progress Reports due, Principal's Mtg (am)

December 4 - Boys' Volleyball Tournament, Jingle Bell Zumba (whole school), Friends for Life (1:00 in the library)

December 8 - IEPs due, Swim to Survive (Duchene & Brown)

December 9 - NDSS Bands (K-8, gym @ 9:30), Swim to Survive (Gaffney & Milligan)

December 10 - Craft Sale (gym), VP Mtg (am), Jenn Mentor Meeting (pm), Staff Meeting (divisional), Perogrine Falcon Presentation (library 9:30, 10:30)

December 11 - Live Different Presentation (Grade 7 & 8, gym), Friends for Life (1:00 in the library)

December 14 - School Performance (2:00 in the gym)

December 15 - Swim to Survive (Duchene & Brown), Progress Reports go Home

December 16 - Swim to Survive (Gaffney & Milligan)

December 17 - School Performance (2:00 & 6:30)

December 18 - Friends for Life (Library @1:00)

Sparking Curiosity

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Interesting Stat...

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Learning Together, Embracing Differences

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Week Ahead

Mon., Nov. 23rd (Day 2)

  • Jenn away at assessment conference (all day)
  • IPRCs (am)

Tues., Nov., 24th (Day 3)

  • IPRCs (am)
  • Land of Trash theatre presentation (Gr. 6-8 in the library) @ 12:00

Wed., Nov., 25th (Day 4)

  • IPRCs (am)
  • Tiffany at Mentor Mtg (pm)

Thurs., Nov. 26th (Day 5)

  • SAC 6:30

Fri., Nov. 27th (Day 1)

  • Hot Dogs for Warm Toes
  • Friends for Life Group (Ricki in the library 1:15)
  • Zumba (K-4)
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