Virtual Resume

by: Jasmeen Shergill

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Goal Setting

I have two major goals that I would like to complete by the end of my time in high school. One is an academic goal that will make me stand out academically and the other is a volunteering goal that will help me stand out as a person.

Future Plan Video

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Cover Letter and Resume

Challenges and Solutions in a Marketing Career

In a marketing career I would face many day-to-day struggles. These challenges include training new teams and keeping up with consumer interests. As a marketing manager I would be in charge of training any new marketing employees. These new employees will need to become familiar with the company’s marketing strategies and how we do things. I will be the person to train them and help them succeed in all of the tasks they are assigned. This can be a hassle because I will have to focus on my own project while also making sure that my team is doing theirs. A solution to this challenge would be to manage my time extremely well and make sure I know my team members well. Managing my time will allow me to complete my tasks on time and knowing my team members will allow me to see who needs the most couching. Another problem in this pathway is that I will have to keep up with consumer interests. These interests are always changing and marketers have to change their strategies in order to attract customers. As a marketing manager I will have to do thorough research into what advertisements consumers respond to the most, and I will change my marketing strategies accordingly. If the research is done properly I can keep up with changing times and help keep my company successful, if not we can experience some major losses. Those would be the major challenges I can face in my marketing career, but I’m sure that I can push through and be successful.

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