K-12 mLearning Apps

Look below for 5 apps effective for the K-12 classroom!


What is this? Storykit is an app that allows the student to create an original story, with images, text, and sound recording created by them. They can create their own stories, or use traditional narratives as jumping off points.

Implications for the classroom: This app combines multiple curricular outcomes, from allowing the student to be their own creator, to teaching media and visual literacy. The student can work on their own stories at home, then bring them in to class for assessment or group collaboration with other students. Students at home can collaborate with parents, peers, and other students. Ideal for group AND individual work.


What is this? VoiceThread is an app that allows students to recored audio an attach the voice to any drawing, picture, or multimedia image. Students can choose images and customize their frames with certain pre-set voices, or, use their own! And it's FREE!

Implications for the classroom: Now, presentations and communication is easier then ever. Basing off a blended learning environment, students can create their voice thread accounts and recordings at home, and come to class with questions. They can show their understanding of a variety of curricular concepts through image, sounds, and text- all outside valuable instructional time!

Seasons and Weather

What is this? Seasons and Weather is an app designed for students aged 3-6 years old. A perfect introduction to mLearning, Seasons and Weather is an activity-based game app that introduces different seasons, appropriate clothing, and weather-to-season climate changes. Aesthetically pleasing, fun, and interactive- a great game to teach foundational science curriculum between pre-school and Gr.1.

Implications for the classroom: Seasons and weather can be assigned by the early childhood/Div.1 educator as "homework" for the student to do at home with their parents. As they play the game at home, during class time what the student learned can be discussed. This is a great tool for busy parents to engage in learning with their young child in.


What is this? A mobile blogging app, Blogger allows students to create posts from wherever they are from their mobile devices. Posting pictures, adding text, and adding locations allows the student to create an e-Journal, easy for marking and easy to create.

Implications for the classroom: Instead of submitting a weekly handwritten journal or weekly reflection assignment, teachers can find students blogs for grading after due dates easily. Students can now add pictures to their blogs, customizing their reflections on topics covered during instructional time.


What is this? As the world becomes increasingly engaged with communication through texting, Remind101 allows teachers to send safe and free texts to students and teachers on their cellphones (that students sign up for) regarding due dates, trips, and assignments.

Implications for the classroom: A great way to be communicatively inclusive between school and home, Remind101 engages the students most frequently used device- their cellular phone, as a reminding tool for school items. As students are always on their phones anyways, Remind101 utilizes the cellphone and transforms it into an educational tool perfect for keeping students/parents updated with life in the classroom.

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