6th Grade News

October 2015

This month....

Well, September has come and gone already! We are well on our way to a fabulous school year. We are enjoying getting to know each student and the special gifts each one brings to our classroom. Our first month of school has gone by very quickly. We’ve used this time to establish work habits and study habits to help us be successful throughout the year. 6th grade can be quite a bit more demanding than previous years and it does take some time for students to become accustom to the rigors of our curriculum. Students need to spend time daily reviewing notes taken during the day in each subject in order to be well prepared for tests and quizzes. We cannot stress enough the importance of checking in with your child on a regular basis to simply ask, “What did you learn today?” Use the binder as a tool to facilitate communication between you and your child. Ask him or her to explain notes to you. It is an excellent way to help them review and for you to know more about what they are learning. The investment of your time will pay off for them in the end!

We have a few needs for our rooms. If you are willing to donate any of the following items, we would appreciate it. Just send them in with your student.

Needs: individually wrapped life savers or jolly ranchers, individually wrapped mints, & soft tissues

FIELD TRIPS: There are several field trips and events throughout the year including Fiesta, Science Factory and Refreshing Mountain. You need to have clearances to attend and chaperone these events. If you are interested, please let us know if you need clearances or if you already have them.

Parent Teacher Conferences Are Coming!

During back to school night, many people signed up for Parent/Teacher conferences on November 23rd –November 25th. We will send reminders home with your child to confirm the date and time. For those of you who have not already selected a time and date, please refer to classroom websites to check for availability or wait for the conference sign-up sheet to come home. We will be circulating the conference sign-up later this month, or you may sign up by e-mailing your child's teacher. If you are not able to sign up for one of the time slots on conference days, please write a note or e-mail the teacher to ask for another time. We will be as accommodating as possible.

What have we been reading?

Already this year we have worked with historical fiction and realistic fiction through excerpts from “Old Yeller” and “Mother Fletcher’s Gift”. Students have been reviewing and learning more about the concepts of character and visualizing setting, as well as expanding their vocabulary. Each student keeps a journal where responses to literature, new concepts, and vocabulary are kept. There may be times when they will be asked to do re-reading at home and write in their journals. This is to aide in comprehension, thinking skills, and to prepare them for tests.

Also, please remind your student to be writing in their home reading journal once a week. The journal is due every Tuesday. We enjoy reading up on what they have been reading at home!

Math with Mrs. Schnader

We are working on a chapter which consists of dividing fractions and multiplying and dividing decimals. Because this is a longer chapter, there will be several quizzes. Please have your child review their multiplication facts. If you haven’t signed up for remind, please do so as soon as you can. I send out reminders about upcoming tests and test corrections.

Social Studies with Miss Blanshine

We opened the year by taking a look at the five themes of geography: location, regions, place, movement, and human-environment interaction. Students are making a lot of connections between the concepts we are learning and the earth around us. We also continue to make connections to what we know about earth and its structure to help with new concepts. The students have been “synergizing” like crazy while they put together skits or newspapers that cover what they have learned about volcanoes and earthquakes. I have been impressed with their teamwork and creativity as they work on this first small group research project. Check out the wiki to see what we've been learning!


Writing with Mrs. Thudium (Mrs. Shetter's Substitute)

Our writing routine is up and running. During September, our main focus during workshop was getting our ideas flowing and we explored many different ways to find ideas for writing. We also began our discussion of conferencing by looking for specific ways to praise and question a piece of writing. These are the first two important steps to revising writing to make it better. I’ve been very impressed with the enthusiasm students are embracing the ideas of writing workshop. There are so many pieces decorating the walls of the room already!

Websites of the Month

Check out our classroom websites! Click on Miss Blanshine and/or Mrs. Weaver's links below for more information.

It includes links to what we are reading, daily homework, online resources we use, as well as a calendar of school events!

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Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Book Orders are currently being coordinated by a parent volunteer for the entire sixth grade. There are two ways to order:

1) Send in to school the paper order form at the back of the monthly flyer with a check. Checks MUST be made payable to SCHOLASTIC READING CLUB.

2) Order online at www.scholastic.com/readingclub using a credit card.

Our class activation code is PF3K6

You can also find us by using the Connect to your Teacher feature & searching for Mrs. Weaver’s name. At this time, the entire sixth grade will be using Mrs. Weaver’s account to keep it simpler for our parent volunteer.

Book orders are due on or before October 16th.

Box Tops, Campbell Soup Labels and Giant Bonus Card Information!

Yes!!! Please continue to clip and send Box Tops and Campbell Soup labels with your student to school. Each classroom has collection bins.

Box Tops - earn extra points by logging onto www.BTFE.com/signup and signing up for emails. Our school ID is 143278

GIANT - Log onto http://giantfoodstores.com/savings-and-rewards/rewards-program/aplus/ and register your Giant Rewards Card number.

Leola 6th Grade Team

All teachers can be contacted here at school between 8:00 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. Dial the school number,

656-2068 and then the teacher’s extension. Or dial 0 to leave a message with Mrs. Parker or see if we are available.

The best method for contacting teachers is e-mail. While we may not be able to answer the phone, many times we can get back to you much more quickly with an e-mail.

Mrs. Thudium (substitute for Mrs. Shetter): Reading & Writing

ext. 5105


Mrs. Schader: Math

ext. 5107


Mrs. Weaver: Reading


ext. 5107

Mrs. Leaman: Learning Support


Miss Blanshine: Communication Skills and Science/ Social Studies

ext. 5103