CASH Fifth Grade

Good News!

Aaron sent me an update on Sanai. The second surgery results indicated the lymph nodes that were removed were negative for melanoma! The drainage tube should be removed next week and then Sanai will have more mobility. She will, of course, still have more doctor appointments, but the current prognosis is good! The family is so appreciative of your continued concern and prayers. We all know there is nothing as hard as being so worried about a child. We praise our heavenly Father for this good news!

Dare Graduation

Officer Staggs of the Highway Patrol has taught several lessons to our class over the last few months about drinking and driving, drugs, smoking, and how to handle bullying. We will have a short DARE graduation program scheduled for Wednesday, May 11, after chapel. He will speak for a few minutes about the program, hand out completion certificates to the students, and announce the winner of the DARE essay contest. This should last 10-15 minutes, maybe less. You are welcome to attend. (I do not currently know who the winner is, but I will try to give you a heads up if your child is chosen and I am given enough notice.)

Students will also be given DARE t-shirts at the program. At your convenience, please send me your child's t-shirt size tonight or tomorrow. (We just got word today about the t-shirts so that is the reason for the quick turnaround.)

Hang in there, parents, the end (of the school year) is near!