IE Team Weekly Update

Edition #12 March 21-25

the 411 - Things to Know

1. Instructional coaches, don't forget to meet with your ReCo partner before our next Coaching for Excellence workshop on March 25th. Take a moment to share your experience in our Schoology discussion.

2. Please register in Keep Certified for summer professional learning events . March 23rd is the deadline to register for the UbD 21st Century for Blueprint learning happening on June 20th.

3. Our ELA K-6 writers have been meeting and working together this winter. On March 25th, Heidi will update the coaching team about their work. Here is a link to ELA Writers’ Folder

4. The districtwide PLC that was scheduled for March 29th has been CANCELLED! We will meet on May 17th from 4:00-5:30pm.

Professional Learning

Comprehensive Balance Literacy

This visual might be helpful as you plan the April 1st professional learning, specifically when thinking about the inquiry session.

Food for Thought, Rigor is on the Menu

Coaching for Excellence

Elena Aguila challenges us to look within ourselves as coaches when working with resistant teachers. How will you grow as a result of reading this short article? How Can I Coach a Resistant Teacher?

Instructional Excellence

Our team often talks about the need for student voice in our schools. Take a minute to read this article on a shift from more student voice to more learner agency.

3 Modes of Learner Agency by Tom Barrett

snake peek....The concept of agency is complex, after all it is about control. Traditionally the locus of control has been firmly with the adults in school and other learning environments. When we begin to, more accurately, consider student voice or learner agency as “the capacity to exercise control over the nature and quality of one’s life[2],” we are beginning to take steps towards a clearer rationale for it in schools. It is not just another thing to tick off.

By better understanding the agreed modes of agency[3] perhaps we can begin to shift things more significantly towards what we intend. It is useful to consider the observable evidence of learner agency in schools with these three modes in mind....

Coaching for Excellence Workshop

Friday, March 25th, 8-11am


EC-6 coaches

Lucy Calkins Units of Study & PLC's

Tuesday, March 29th, 12-4pm


K-6 Coaches (required)

Principal or AP (requested)