Friday Focus

Friday, May 1st, 2015

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Happy May!

Like many of you, I've been feeling overwhelmed lately. So much to do, so little time, exhaustion takes over before my list is finished. I started my morning today reading this great post by a fellow educator about ending the year with the same amount of PASSION and ENERGY that we had as we started in August. It really helped me to refocus, recharge and be ready to go. Then, as we started the day with the TREMENDOUS send off for our student athletes competing at the Special Olympics, it further supported the words in the article. It's about creating experiences that our kids will never forget...up until the final minute of the final day. You all made that happen this morning. I was overwhelmed with emotion looking at the faces of our athletes as they ran through the banners made by their peers. My heart was full watching 400 other students cheering on their classmates. What an AMAZING experience! What an AMAZING McIntire TEAM and family. Thank you for keeping the MAIN THING the MAIN THING. Have a wonderful weekend! Please take a moment to "sharpen the saw" and relax, recharge and take a moment for yourself--you deserve it!

Definitely worth the few minutes to check out:

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May Dates


Benchmarking Window

Monday, May 4th:

-4th grade trip to Jefferson City

-Field Day 1st and 5th

Tuesday, May 5th:

-Beth to Leadership Academy

Thursday, May 7th:

-Major Savers Limo Ride


Friday, May 8th:

-8:45 PBS Assembly


Monday, May 11th:

-Incoming K meet and greet 5:30-6:30

Tuesday, May 12th:

-Staff meeting 3:45-4:45

Wednesday, May 13th: Begin class list development (as grade levels) for next year during common plan

-PBS Tier 2/3 7:30

-5th grade to FMS

-2nd grade to Rockbridge

-BOE Meeting 7pm, Special Olympians recognized

Thursday, May 14th:

-Famous Missourians

Friday, May 15th:

Field Trip-Palooza

-5th grade to STL

-3rd grade City of Fulton

-Kindergarten to park (am)

-1st grade to park (pm)

Monday, May 18th: No Specials

Awards Assemblies

8:45-9:30 2nd-5th grades

9:45-10:30 K-1

McIntire's Got Talent! 1:00-?

Tuesday, May 19th: Last Day of Specials

Walking Talking Zoo

Wednesday, May 20th:

Summer Celebration

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