everyone has flaws

Flawed Heroes

A flawed hero is a hero with a tragic and often fatal flaw. They start out good until their flaws overwhelm and destroy them. Macbeth was a flawed hero he was very easily manipulated and extremely ambitious. he was influenced and pressured into turning against his good morals by his wife. Towards the end of the play his ambition overcomes him and it ultimately leads to his untimely demise. There were many events that lead him to his death but his decision to continue to murder instead of asking for forgiveness for his crimes is what made his death inevitable.

Anti Heroes in todays culture

Tris the divergent

Anti heroes are a very popular theme in today's literary and media culture. Some examples of anti heroes are v from V for Vendetta, Catniss from The Hunger Games, and Tris from Divergent. Tris was born into a seemingly perfect society where people are separated into groups called factions and given jobs according to their personalities in order to avoid conflict. It is unknown to the public but one of the factions is staging a hostile takeover of the government. Tris is a divergent which means she cant be controlled as easily. Tris attempts to stop these monstrous people who are taking over after they try to make her kill her family and friends. She revolts with the other divergents and uses the weapons they gave her to do it. They saved allot of people but in the end are still on the run.