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September 19th, 2016

MAP Results coming soon!

Below is a letter from Ms. Baker that will be sent home with your child in Smoke Signals. We are extremely pleased with preliminary results that we have seen from DESE. We look forward to being able to share full results with all of our families in the near future.

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s): September 19, 2016

The individual student MAP testing results will be delivered soon for the Spring 2016 assessment. The District expects to distribute this information to parents on September 26th.

The Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) Grade-Level Assessments evaluate students’ progress toward

the Missouri Learning Standards. The MAP Grade-Level Assessments include assessments in the subject areas of Communication arts (grades 3-8), Mathematics (grades 3-8), and Science (grades 5 and 8). MAP Grade-Level Assessments provide important information that contributes to decisions concerning individual students, groups of students, and educational programs. A policy statement, adopted by the Missouri State Board of Education, designated the purposes of the Missouri Assessment Program as:

Improving students’ acquisition of important knowledge, skills and competencies;

Monitoring the performance of Missouri’s education system;

Empowering students and their families to improve their educational prospects; and Supporting the teaching and learning process.

The effectiveness of an assessment program depends on the wise choice of assessment methods,

appropriate administration procedures and accurate interpretation of results.

The MAP Grade-Level Assessments include multiple types of questions or items:

Selected Response (also known as multiple choice) items are composed of a question

followed by a series of possible responses. Students must select the correct response or responses.

Constructed Response or Short Text items require students to supply an appropriate response rather than making a selection from a list of choices.

Performance Tasks/Events allow students to work through more complicated items using real-world scenarios.

Technology Enhanced items make use of technology in the presentation of the item, the ways in which students respond, or both. For example, students might watch a video and then drag and drop labels into a diagram, or click on specific parts of a text to provide a response.

Your child’s Individual Student Report includes an Achievement Level, which will describe his or her

performance for the grade level and content area as Below Basic, Basic, Proficient, or Advanced. The report will also include a short description of the knowledge and skills that are typically demonstrated by students in each Achievement Level for their grade level and content area.

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) publishes a Guide to

Interpreting Results (GIR) that provides additional details about the content of the Individual Student Reports. The GIR for the Spring 2015 MAP Grade-level Assessments is available on the DESE website at

Parents wishing to review those results earlier may contact their respective office and arrange an appointment.

Nancy Baker

Superintedent-Winfield R-IV School District

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Attendance matters!

Attendance was down slightly but still strong at 95.91% Thank you for continuing to make consistent attendance a priority for our Young Warriors!

We are looking forward to our first attendance drawings at the end of September. All students who have maintained 100% attendance will have their named entered 5 times in our drawing. Any student with attendance above 95% will be entered 3 times and all students with attendance above 90% for the month will have their name entered 1 time into the drawing.

Read, Right, and Run

All form for the Read, Right and Run program are due to the office by September 23rd. This is an outstanding program that combines academics, exercise, and citizenship. Please feel free to call the office or to contact Mrs. Bromwich if you have any questions about the program.
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Candy Bar Update!

As we finish up our candy bar sales this week we are doing our best fulfill all bar requests while making sure that we do not have a large amount of bars left over. We have four more cases arriving on Tuesday. That will put us at over 31,000 bars that we anticipate selling! WOW!

As a reminder we have extended the sales until this Friday the 23rd. We would like all money to be turned in no later than Friday. Thank you again for your support!!!!

We profit nearly 50 cents on every bar sold! That means that we are on track to raise nearly $15,000 for our school!

Upcoming Dates

Upcoming Dates:

September 21st: Fall Pictures and early release

September 23rd: Candy bar sales complete

September 29th: Parent/Principal coffee talk Primary art room

Time to bust out those running shoes!!!!

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