The Husky Howl

January 2023

Director's Corner

Dear families,

We would like to wish you a happy new year from all of us at NWSOIL Tumwater! In December, our students and staff had a wonderful time with many different holiday activities from building gingerbread houses to our spirit week. This month we are reviewing our Journey Program with all students again in order to get back into our daily routines and reestablish expectations. We are also creating personal goals for 2023.

The Journey Program is key to our students’ success at NWSOIL. When students come to our school, they are placed on level 1 of our Journey Program. Throughout the school day, students are able to earn BARK points for Being respectful, Acting responsible, Remembering safety and Kindness matters. With those points, students earn rewards (i.e. buying items at the weekly student store) and privileges (i.e. weekly club activities). As students earn level-specific percentages of their daily points over at least 6 weeks, staff will help students petition for the next level. Higher levels offer better rewards and more privileges. Once students reach level 4, we reach out to the school district and families regarding the possibility of transitioning to a less restrictive environment.

In December, we had 4 students leveling up and 2 students transitioning to their neighborhood schools successfully! Congratulations Huskies!

We are expecting quite a few more student petitions to be approved in the month of January. We know 2023 will be a great year and we can’t wait to see our students continue to grow, academically, behaviorally and social-emotionally! Go Huskies! You BARK!

In partnership,

Stefanie Lamont, MA BCBA LBA

School Supervisor
Northwest School of Innovative Learning

Tumwater /Olympia Campus

Last Month Recap...

We B.A.R.K together!

At NWSOIL, our expectations are that students B.A.R.K. (Be respectful, Act responsibly, Remember safety, and Kindness matters). Below is the matrix used to define our core expectations for students to follow. B.A.R.K. is how our students earn points each day, these points are spent throughout the school week for incentives as well as student store. Points earned reflect the students' behaviors and define how students level-up through the Journey Program. While at NWSOIL, students learn what each skill looks like and how to apply them for success in school and at home. Modeling what is defined in the matrix below can help with positive practice between settings.
Big picture

Thank You!!

We wanted to say thank you to those who donated books to make our school library happen! Another shout out goes to those who have helped our student store grow! Our school appreciates those who support our program and its cause, THANK YOU!

About Us

Northwest School of Innovative Learning is committed to fostering the social, emotional, psychological, physical, and intellectual well-being of each child. We believe students must be taught, encouraged, and expected to take responsibility for their choices at school, at home, and within the greater community. Our school works collaboratively with parents/guardians, school districts, and other involved professionals to support the needs of each student. Through the services provided, our students will gain the skills necessary to return to their home school districts.