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Brought to you by Ava Anderson Non Toxic by Kat Fagan

Since the April Newsletter went out...

...there have many new product announcements. I wanted to make sure you were among the first to hear the news.

Recently Ava Anderson announced the introduction of avaKids line and avaBody dream cream (great for dry skin and eczema) as well as new & improved avaBaby products (my personal favorite -- they smell fantastic; but don't take my word for it, book an avaHour today).

Mission Possible!

I recently got back from Providence, RI where I attended Ava Anderson Non Toxic's Mission Possible Conference. After a weekend of fun with my "Ava Family" I am even more determined to help this company succeed in educating consumers about the toxic ingredients found in today's personal and home care products. I don't want you or your loved ones to be a guinea pig for companies any longer. Ava Anderson Non Toxic takes the guesswork out of knowing what's safe and what isn't.

Ava made many new product announcements at conference, one of them being the introduction of a new Host Only product....avaOils. Be one of the first to earn our Essential Oils set by hosting an avaHour workshop with me!

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Ava Anderson Non Toxic Company Video

At Conference we were treated to the premiere of the Ava Anderson Non Toxic Company video. It speaks to every reason why I joined the company. I love these products and our mission! I invite you to watch and see why. Considering joining me on this awesome journey? Want to learn more about becoming a consultant or just hosting an in home avaHour where you and your friends and family can experience the products first hand? Just give me a call I would love to speak with you about these exciting products!
Ava Anderson Non Toxic Company Video

Ava Anderson Non Toxic by Kat Fagan

I'm an Independent Consultant for Ava Anderson Non Toxic. I am passionate about helping consumers understand how to protect themselves from harmful chemicals found everyday household products.