2015 in Review

By: Tug Enkhtaivan

Advanced Info Sys. Pd. 2

Three Companies that Marketed Themselves the Best.

1. SpaceX had a beautiful marketing strategy. They aren't even a public company but yet they were constantly in the news for 2015. What they specialize in is space flight and travel, and I know that the public might not seem to be interested in rocket science but that was exactly what they were in 2015. SpaceX first made news by attempting the first landing of the first stage of a rocket booster. This is important as this can radically reduce costs of going up to space. They failed a total number of 3 times. But yet every time they failed, anticipation for the next launch was rising. And in December of 2015, they had done it. They had pioneered the next forefront of space exploration and flight.

2. Tesla had done a great job in marketing their revolutionary electric cars in 2015. Not only did they create new software for the Tesla Model S, but this software was quite revolutionary. It allowed autopilot. Who knew that in 2015, we would be able to relax in our cars while the cars, being smart enough, took us to our destination without any harm done to the passengers. Amazing!

3. Uber had really blown up in 2015. It had become the worlds largest taxi service without actually owning any of the taxis that were being used. Their marketing program was genius as they had connected with the vast majority in the U.S. They welcomed everyday people and asked them if they had more time in which they would like to make money efficiently. To everybody's surprise, it worked.

Best Products of 2015

1. MacBook Pro 2015

2. Apple Watch

Worst Products of 2015

1. Google Glass

2. "Hoverboards"

Best Movies of 2015

1. The Martian was marketed spectacularly. It rode on the hype of past space movies such as Interstellar and Gravity. It also used its cast as one of its biggest features. It focused on Matt Damon and his adventures on Mars when he is left behind, with everyone believing he was dead. But to everyone's surprise, he is quite the opposite

2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is on record to be the highest grossing film of all time thanks to all the hype provided by Disney and Lucasarts. Star Wars is a series in which the generation from the 1980's can reminisce on and that is why it has such a strong following. Not only does it have fans from the 80's through the 90's but also the 00's as the series went back to its foundations and released the prequels to the original trilogy.

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Top Musicians of 2015

1. Drake was on fire for 2015. He released a new album and released a long awaited mixtape between him and another rising star: Future. What a year it has been for Drake, he made record revenues and profits and he is poised in another great year for 2016.

2. Calvin Harris, the rising DJ, made himself as popular as some of the industry elite. He released numerous remixes and launched a new album and then went on tour to get closer to his following. He had collaborations with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and others. He had risen up the rankings in DJMag, the premier magazine for Dj's, from 87th to 16th in the world. What a year.

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Top Ten TV Shows of 2015

1. Better Call Saul

2. Fargo

3. The Americans

4. Catastrophe

5. Deutschland 83

New Years Resolutions 2016

Personal- To really prepare for College, have more time enjoying life and stop stressing so much.

Family and Friends- To really spend more time with them as I am leaving off to college and I need to cherish all the time we have together

School and the Outside World- To prepare, to get ready for the adventures that will take when I leave highschool and begin fresh in college.