The Life of Shaylyn Roberts

"Live your dream and never wake up."

Who Am I

Some of my intersts are music and technology. Music has always inspired me to do and be my best, even when I am feeling my worst. I also like to read and write. Some skills are playing the french horn and the piano. I also want to learn how to play the guitar. Some things I value are my family, friends, and music. I would say I have a pretty normal self-esteem, but it might be a little lower than usual.

"Why should all of these things be considered when deciding on a job?"

In order to get a job, you have to be confident and be yourself. You should just be you and no one else.

Where Am I Going

My Career as a Sound Engineer Technician

A sound engineer technician is basically a person who does all of the work in order for the show to go on. These kind of people that choose to be this work in television, radio, etc. They typically work full time, and sometimes overtime because they have a certain deadline to meet and they have to get the job done. Also, working on holidays, weekends, and evenings are normal for the sound engineer technician. The median salary would be around $46,310. The job outlook has little or no change in the future. The cluster that tis job is in is the Audio, A/V Tecnology, and Visual Arts.

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How Do I Get There

I would like to go to the City College of Chicago which in is located in - what else would be? - Chicago. I would go here because I would like to go away from home and explore the world. They have the program that I want to be in. I would need an Associate's Degree in order to be a sound engineer technician. An average would be $10,018 for public and $37, 216 for the private university. That was the tuiton prices.
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