Muscle Car-dio Gym opens up

We'll fix you up and get you running!

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Time: 8am-12am Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,Friday,Saturday

12pm-12am Sunday

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Our staff!

Our staff is the best in the area! They are kind,friendly,and very very helpful! They are better than the staff in the area because our staff are the highest trained staff there are!

Our staff are quilified for weight training, diets,and yoga.

Muscle Car-dio fees

At Muscle Car-dio we are open Every day at any hour. Our memberships are affordable to almost anyone! Per mouth it costs 10$,per month it's 40$, and per year it's 150$.

Our classes will improve your Social,Mental, and Physical health!

What is Physical health? Physical health is how fit you are.

What is Social health? Social health is how you can have realationships with others.

What is Mental health? Mental health is what you think about your self.

Why Physical Activity is good for YOU!

    Physical activity helps you control your weight, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, and reduce the risk of some cancers.

By: Payton Trujillo

Period: 8th

Teacher: Clingenpeel