First Grade Spelling

Spelling words will be tested every Friday

Weekly Spelling Work

For the remainder of our school year first grade students will be assessed on their ability to apply correct spelling of grade level words in their written work. This week (______)we will begin our spelling routines in class and also at home to help reinforce spelling patterns.

Spelling homework sheets will come home every Monday in your child’s red folder. Students will write their weekly spelling list on the side of this paper. I will also update our classroom website with our weekly spelling words should you have any trouble reading your child’s handwriting.

Please choose at least 3 spelling activities from the attached sheet to complete throughout the week. The activities must make a tic-tac-toe line: horizontal, vertical, or diagonal three-in-a-row. A homework helper (adult) should initial next to the activities completed. Please staple any additional papers to the back.

I understand that families are very busy during the week and that it is sometimes hard to find time for homework, reading logs, spelling, and many other daily activities. Students are currently developing their understanding for letters, sounds, and words. Weekly spelling work will help to cement their understanding. Spelling is very important and aids in a child’s reading, writing and language skills.

Our spelling homework sheets will be due every Friday. Students will also complete a weekly spelling test on every Friday. Their test will be graded and sent home for you to look over with your child.