Hernando de Soto

around 1496 - May 21, 1542


Exploration and Early life

Hernando was born around 1496, in Barcarrota Spain. In his younger years Soto decided that he wanted to be an explorer, so around 1514 he told his father about how hw wanted to go to the indies and set sail for Seville. Soto later in 1514 was chosen to go on the 1514 Spanish expedition to the West Indies. he quickly became a great trader and expeditioner. he later on Became a great Spanish conquistador and explorer who led a troop of many explorers in the first European expedition into the deep parts of modern day united states and was the first documented European to cross the Mississippi, where he ended up dying of fever and illness.

acomplisments and places

Places discovered and Accomplishments

Mississippi river

helped in conquest of Central America and Peru


he was very kind hardworking and a great leader

purpose of voyage

to discover and claim t=new lands and conquer land and people and spread religion and ideas for Spain