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Conium By Ryan L.


Conium which is also known as poison-hemlock which is a dangerous plant brought to North America by Europe. This plant will drop seeds around it's area of growing and animals will eat this seed which is very harmful and will eventually kill the animals.

Additional information

Conium is very dangerous and kills lots of animals per year. The poison can also be fatal to humans, if you rub it it could be painful to humans as well. This plant is the main cause of poison. We use this plant for medical sciences as well though so thats a positive effect.

Medicine Uses

Conium medicine is used for anxiety, mania, tumors, skin infections, epilepsy, and bladder infections. They use the leaves from Conium as well. They use the leafs for all breathing problems. As well as when hurt joints and muscles are messed up they use the leafs.
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How To Prevent It

The way to prevent this is it can't be prevented in one year it will take 2-6 years to prevent it and you have to recognize the source of the seeds before it gets bad. You have to keep a watch on the plant to make sure it doesn't spread as well as prepare it for treatment. The US forestmen want you to keep a record on what happens with the plant to prepare it for treatment which usually consists of chemicals.
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