Weekly Log

November 16,19,20

November 16

Today, Mr. Blankenship came to speak to us about special education. He covered the topics of: The 10 Steps of Special Ed, Accommodations vs. Intervention vs. Modifications, IEP (Individualized Education Programs) and the 5 acronyms. He showed us old and new forms of educational technology items. At the end of his lecture we participated in an activity he called, “Snow Ball.” We wrote down what we learned, then we threw them in the middle of the floor, after that we grabbed the one closest to us and shared with the class.

November 19

Today we were assigned different barriers that impact children education. Mrs. Barber showed us different websites to get information from. Today was also Kimberly birthday. At the end of class we discussed the subject of teen pregnancy.

November 20

On today we spent the class using the mini lab tops to gather information about our barriers.