Girl Scout Troop 363

Meetings every Wednesday @ Hilltop Methodist Church 6-7 PM

Whole Troop News

  • Next Meeting: September 9, 2015 (We will be upstairs this week due to scheduling conflicts in the Fellowship Hall.)
  • Don't forget to sign up your scout at Girl Scouts of Utah website.
  • Sign up for snacks here: Snack Sign-Up
  • Dues are due on the 5th of every month (you can also pay quarterly or yearly!). If you would like to pay via PayPal please use "send money to a friend" at

Daisy Doings

Thanks for letting me spend time with your wonderful girls! Please purchase a uniform if possible. They are on sale on the website or at the Girl Scout Store on 4500 South (between 700 and 600 East). Please purchase the Animal Journey book and pay your dues. Next week I want to make bird feeders and ask each girl to bring an empty water bottle for the project. IF a parent is able to help with this craft, I would greatly appreciate it. We are studying birds these next two weeks and our work will focus on birds.


Brownie Bustles

we worked on personalizing our name badges, and our caper sticks! We passed around all 3 Journey books and the girls looked (I thought they were going to read each one!) and then we voted. They ALL agreed to do the Brownie Quest! It would be a lot easier and more fun for each girl to get her own copy, so she can work on it at home too! You can pick one up online or at the girls scout store for only $7! This week (Sept. 16) we will do chapter 1! When you get the workbook, please review the beginning pages so you'll be a little familiar with it! It's important for every girl to be there, to get these badges. They need to be doing the work, learning and understanding the lesson so they'll get to know each other and earn badges together. If you do need to miss a meeting, you can work on that lesson at home!
We will also be working on badges as well, we will decide on some at this meeting so we can set some goals!
The journeys are a fun little workbook and will teach the girls a lot, sometimes (like this next meeting) there will be homework to do with family! Please try your best to participate with your brownie and remember to bring the homework back!

I'm excited and working hard to make this a fantastic experience for our girls!

Junior Journeys

Last Week:
I loved getting to meet all of our juniors! We picked 5 badges to work on this year:
1. Flowers
2. Detective
3. Simple Meals
4. Camper
5. Animal Habitats
In addition, the girls chose the Get Moving! Journey. Buying this book would be very handy as we start the journey. This will not be until a little later in the year, so don't feel like you need to get it this week.
Next Week:
We are going to get started working on the Girl Scout Way badge. We will start learning about being a sister and friend to other Girl Scouts, what it means to be a Girl Scout through the Promise and Law, and we will start planning an activity to share with the rest of the troop at the end of the month.

See you on Wednesday!

Some of our leaders:

One Girl Scout can make a difference, but together we can ROCK the world!

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