American Revolution

By: Ainsley H.

Editorial (Patriot)

Those darn Britain's. They are making us pay even more than we already are for tea. Come on people it is a big part of our life. Are you out of your mind? What happens if we can’t pay for our beloved tea anymore?? We practically live on that stuff. Do you even realize what you just threw away? Slaves have to escape to be free. Why did they even get dragged into this they didn't even do anything to Britain. Why do they have to fight our fight? These people are completely innocent and yet they are being forced to be slaves.

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Editorial (Loyalist)

Make it higher! We need more money. How should we get it you ask. Start taxing tea! Those darn people haven’t been being taxed on their tea how is that fair? It isn’t that is how. We can take their money what is the big deal? Can you tell that I am a loyalist?? Well I have lived in Britain my whole life. It has been really great up until now. Now there is a gargantuan ruckus about us taxing tea. Seriously what is the big deal?? We can do what we want it is our tea until you buy it from us with that tax that we put on it.
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The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is very important because it officially announces the thirteen colonies. What The Declaration of Independence does is it basically tells everyone that they are independent ( or they don't need everybody else's help.) Everyone seemed to enjoy having declared their independence.
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Taxation Video

Taxation (American Revolution)

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