simply lory

by:lorena vieyra

A little something about me.

My name is lorena.

im 16 years old. I have one sibling, his name is Victor Manuel. He's a 7th grader, he enjoys soccer and playing on his xbox. My parents are mexicans, they were both born in mexico. My dads name is Victor and my Moms name is Irma, they other understand and speak english my father more then my mother, but they understand it. I was also born in mexico. We moved to the united states in 2003. I didnt know english very well so i have to repeat kindergarten. i used to live in louisburg kansas, before i lived in belton. We moved when i was going to start 6th grade. I've lived in belton for 4 years, and i really enjoy it here.

When i grow up i want to work in an office so like in the other business mangement. im not sure where but im hoping to own my own store one day. All i did this summer was work, i work at New China House in Belton, its a nice job. I used to play the flute for 4 years, it was really nice especally when i was at louisburg but when i moved to belton i quit playing, because i wanted to sing. I love to sing, every since i was a little girl i used to sing songs for my family. I would put together little talent shows around the holidays and i would always sing and dance. I have to pets which i adore with all my heart, they are my dogs. I got Sparky in 2007 for the fourth of july and two years later i got Deedee in 2009. They are both small and are so adorable but they like to bark alot.

Two of my Best Friends go to this school, Adriana Gracia is my fav, shes mexican as well. She's really sweet and she always makes me laugh. When i have classes with her it the best, because we are always talking and we always work together. My other Best Friend is Alejandro Chavez, he's sooo funny, he's really joyful and he always says the dumbest things to make me smile. They are truely great friends.

well, thats a little about myself.