Life before the constitution

3 different types of people

Life as a Southern Planter

I am a tobacco farmer who lives in Virginia. I own 30 slaves and I am wealthy, but my wealth depends on my slaves. My slaves do pretty much all the work, and try to run away most of the time but I get them back. There have been troubles, and the bankers won't lend us farmers money to keep our business up. I am scared of the people who start the rebellion fearing to go into another war. I also want my debts from the war paid, for i provided supplies for the soldiers.

Life as a Enslaved African American

I am a slave who lives on a Virginian tobacco farm. My whole family is enslaved. I don't like this. They said "All men are created equal" Lies! I am still mistreated because of the color of my skin. My life is harsh. I am under constant control and always working when i am not asleep. I hope that if the Confederation changes slavery will be outlawed, and i will have true freedom. Though, even if slavery was outlawed, I go out in to the world with nothing but the rags on my body. What a hard-knock life.

Life as a Banker

I am a member of a high class banker family in New York. Some upsetting things have been happening. People who don't have money are now allowed to pay debts with goods. There is very little respect for property these days. The state legislatures have too much power in my opinion! People are getting thrown in jail for no reason! The only good news it that they are starting to pay us back for our help in the Revolutionary War.