Animal rights

Helping animals

Paragraph 1

Did you know that dogs have “1 hour to 10 days” to live in a kill shelter? Animal is a word that means a living creature so why are we hurting them. Here is the definition for kill means to hurt or make them not be alive. How ever there are no kill shelters and an activist named Ayna is trying to prevent kill shelters.

Paragraph 2

There are two different types of shelters. A shelter is a place they keep stray animals. Kill shelters kill animals in 1 hour. Kill shelters even kill healthy animals for more space. No kill shelters are different because they give animal another chance at life. They keep animals as long as possible. Also they give animals a home until they get adopted.

Paragraph 3

Ayna is a teen activist that supports animals. Ayna was accepted Into an organization called spot globally. Her goal is to fix 50,000 dog. In Bangkok no one fixes the animals so there are too many animal.

Paragraph 4

With the support of you you can save 20% of dogs just by going to a No kill shelter. So supports cause you're killing animals when you take them to kill shelters. But you can fix that by being just like Ayna.