5th Grade Distance Learning

Boulder Creek School


We hope that everyone is staying healthy and well during this time. As we enter a new way of learning, we want you to know that first, we are ALL in this together; and second, "Don't Stress!" You may reach out to your teacher with the contact information below.

Getting Started:

Distance Learning will begin on Tuesday, April 14. Virtual learning takes place Monday - Friday.

Each day students need to log in to Clever to access Google Classroom and their Gmail. Students must log in using their school email address and password to access the assigned materials. If students need their login information again, they may reach out to their teacher.

In Google Classroom each day, students will receive an assignment of tasks to be completed. Once assignments are completed, they are to be submitted and graded. Assignments may include math, reading, writing, physical education, history and science.

How to Log In To Clever

Grades 3-5 Landing Site

How to Download & Access Zoom

How to Use Kami - Kami works well for annotating and typing on pdf documents assigned in Classroom. If your child is logging into their account from a school-issued device, it is an extension to Google Chrome that has already been installed on student accounts. If you are not on a school issued device, you may need to download the extension.

Office Hours & Contact Information

Office Hours: We are available throughout regular working hours during the week for communication. Communication may be via email, Google Classroom and phone. If you would like to speak with your teacher through video chat, see below for available virtual office hours.