The Fossa Madagasecars Top Pretidor

created by Eliana Miller

The Top Predator

The fossa is a cat like animal but it is closely related to the ring tailed mongoose. Did you know that the fossa is the largest carnivore mammal on the island of madagascar. This animal is very rare barely any people have actionly seen one. They are very good runners, jumpers, and climbers.

Luke and the World of Fossas

Luke Dollar studied lemurs and he put a tracking collar around a lemer. The lemur was killed by something and he wanted to find out. He want personally to the island of madagascar and found the collar by the den lemur. He found out it was a fossa he wanted to learn more about the fossa and switched his study to fossas. Luke worked hard to tell everyone the truth about the fossa.

The Fossa and it’s family

During mating season if more than one males wants the same female they will fight and the winner will try to win her love. Mating season will last from October to December, so about three months. When mating season is over the male and the female will make a den where the babies will be born. The Fossas reproduces slowly pregnancy will last 6 to 7 weeks. The mom and dad will end up with 2 to 4 babies.

Time to Eat

50% of a Fossas diet are lemurs they hunt thirty different species of lemurs. They also eat wild pigs, lizards, fish, birds, and frogs as well. they hunt day and night

Where would you find one

There is only one spot you will find one it is in the rainforests of madagascar. On the coast of Africa next to the Indian Ocean. The bad thing is that people are cutting down the rainforests in the island of madagascar.

Fun Facts

  • scientific name for the fossa is (cryptoprocta)

  • they will weigh 12 - 29 pounds

  • pronounce fossa with an “oo” sound like this “foosa”

  • fossas generally live alone but they might hunt and share pery with each other

FOSSA - Amazing Predator