2020/21 LCUSD Elementary Update

July 24, 2020

This School Year is Going to Look Different

Dear Families,

We hope that you are not feeling too overwhelmed by the amount of information being shared with you lately, and our intent with this newsletter is to help you understand what this school year is going to look like as best we can. Since the deadline for signing up for the Virtual Academy is Sunday, July 26, we wanted to make sure you understood each program as well as how we are starting the year on August 17. Remember, we are in this together!


Emily Blaney, LCE Principal

Carrie Hetzel, PCY Principal

Cory Pak, PCR Principal

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Temporary Mandated Distance Learning

All students will start the year from home. Our schools will remain closed based on Governor Newsom's directive. That means that all students will be starting the year in the same way, whether they are enrolled in the Virtual Academy or the Hybrid Model. We do not yet know when the students in the Hybrid Model will be able to come back to campus.

All students will access curriculum from their teacher via online instruction in their a.m. or p.m. cohort with art, music, computer, library, and enrichment activities being accessed in the alternative a.m. or p.m. time period. Please see the flyer below.

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Choice One: Virtual Academy

Students will access curriculum from LCUSD teachers with live instruction and learning experiences in a.m. or p.m. virtual cohorts. These cohorts meet daily with teachers for instruction and feedback during one half of the day, and they access PE, art, music, computer, library, and enrichment activities in the other half of the day. Families must commit to a full school year of the Virtual Academy (June 3, 2021).

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Sign Up for Virtual Academy by July 26

Sign up ONLY if you are ready to commit to the full school year. If you do not sign up, you will automatically be registered for the Hybrid Model.

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Choice Two: Hybrid Model

The Hybrid Model is structurally very similar to the Virtual Academy. However, in the Hybrid Model, students would receive instruction from teachers on campus during one half of the day and would receive asynchronous instruction in the other half, Monday through Friday. Asynchronous opportunities would be available in PE, art, music, computer, library, and other enrichment activities. Because students are on campus during either the AM or PM portion of the day, they would have the opportunity for an outdoor recess break with their small cohort (11 to 15 students).
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Safety Measures On Campus

Many measures are being taken in our schools that together, limit the spread of infection. However, as long as the virus circulates in society, illness can occur. This means that infection can enter the schools, but the measures described here will limit the spread of infection among children and staff in the school. There are three important tenets to follow:

  • Sick people should not be at school

  • Good hygiene practices

  • Reduced contact between people

Take Advantage of LCUSD Parent Technology Training!

Our technology department has created some excellent opportunities for parents to learn about the tools our students will be using. If you missed a class, you can still access the recording. Here is the link to get started.