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World's Largest Accelerator Program from Silicon Valley is Now Open For Applications

The Founder Institute has created a part-time 4 month training and mentoring program to help entrepreneurs launching a new startup, create meaningful and enduring technology companies with shared equity that encourages peer support. Entrepreneurs can launch companies with expert training, feedback and support from experienced startup CEOs, without quiting their day jobs.

Autumn Semester

Semester starts on 19th Nov and finishes on 4th March, with weekly sessions every Tuesday @ You Is Now from 18.30. There is a break over Xmas and New Year :-)

Why join the Founder Institute?

How it works...

We bring together great people, expert training and aligned incentives to help founders validate their idea and build their dream company. Founders meet once a week for company-building sessions lead by three world-class mentors. Mentors offer feedback and advice on every aspect of your business, from the core concept to the revenue model. Founders will also meet with their assigned group twice a week to work together and foster the collaborative environment Silicon Valley is known for. The semester will run from 19th November 2013 till 4th March 2014.

The cost is EUR 900 (including a social science admissions test) for participants and 3.5% contribution to a shared equity pool (once graduated). You will need to commit 15-20hrs per week for the business building session and related assignments. Upon graduating you will be exposed to local and international investors & start building your dream company.

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Tuesday, Sep. 10th 2013 at 7pm

YOU IS NOW / Scout24, Dingolfinger Str. 1-15, München

Micheal Reuter CoFounder of AppInvest, Appstar and AppAdvisors will tell us how he took one of Germany's first online travel agencies to $35million and some insider advice on pitching to investors.
Pitching your startup ideas effectively is a crucial skill that will help you acquire financing, customers, partners, and top talent. In just three hours, the Startup Pitch Bootcamp will help you improve your pitching skills and recruit potential co-founders. This intensive, collaborative workshop begins with talks by leading startup Founders designed to help you understand the key ingredients of a successful pitch. Then, you can apply that learning and pitch to both experts and peers to receive constructive feedback in a relaxed setting. Join us for a fun evening!
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