Computer hardware


CPU means central processing unit. This processes what you are; typing, clicking, moving and doing with your mouse. This means that it will do whatever you tell it to do.

Memory (ROM and RAM)

ROM means read only memory. T~his means that when you download r put it in to your computer, it will only it you read/see it. Not edit it.

RAM means Random Access memory. This is only useful if your computer is switched on. If it is being used and the computer crashes then you can say good bye work.

Storage (HDD and SSD)

The HDD is the hard disk drive. This is bigger and slower than the SDD. The SDD is compatible and very fast. So ideal if you want to have a lot of running programmes.

Motherboard (BIOS)

BIOS stands for basic input output system. This controls what happens on the computer. This allows it to connect to the rest of the computer.