Battle of Britain

Operation Sea Lion

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Where did it take place?

At the beginning of the battle, the Luftwaffe focused their firepower on shipping in the English Channel in Britain. They also attacked coastal towns and defenses around rural areas, then moved on to central London, and the south coast.

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When did the war start?

June 18, 1940 Churchill announced that The Battle of France is over. June 22, France surrendered to Germany and Hitler turned his attention to Britain.

July 10th 1940, the battle of Britain started which was a war between Germany and Britain

What happened during the war?

The Battle of Britain took place when the Luftwaffe attempted to win air superiority over southern England from the Royal Air Force as an essential prerequisite for the invasion of this country by German naval and land forces. For the British, it ran from 10 July - 31 October 1940. For the Germans it began on 13 August, Adlertag or "Eagle Day".

Why did this impact world history?

At the time Germany was conquering all the eastern European countries and and after they defeated France, the only eastern European country left was Britain. So, having the British eventually defeating the German opposition, this bought time for all european countries to rebuild their deteriorated militia. which also led to a delay in World War 2.

Who were of significance during that war?

In the German Militia and British Militia

Hitler - Dictator

Luftwaffe- German airforce

Head of the Luftwaffe army- Herman Goering

British RAF - Royal Air Force

Head of the British RAF - Sir Hugh Dowding

Winston Churchill- Prime minister at the time

Canada's Significance in the Battle

As soon as Sir Winston Churchill declared war Canada was consulted whether they could help the British RAF and so they sent out flights and they did pretty well shooting down 9 planes. Unfortunately many Canadian planes were shot down as well. at the end of the day the Canadians lived up to their name "the stormtroopers"