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Kingwood Montessori - 12/11/2014

Parent Forum - "Why should my child stay for Montessori Kindergarten and Elementary?"

Thank you to everyone who attended the parent forum this evening, we enjoyed seeing you and answering your questions. Thank you to our dedicated teachers, your presentations were very enlightening.


Desired Learner Outcomes Common to Montessori Education

  • Independence
  • Confidence and Competence
  • Autonomy
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Ability to Handle External Authority
  • Social Responsibility
  • Academic Preparation
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Citizens of the World

Habits of Mind Arthur L. Costa & Bena Kallick

  • Persisting
  • Managing Impulsivity
  • Listening with Understanding and Empathy
  • Thinking Flexibly
  • Thinking about Thinking (Metacognition)
  • Striving for Accuracy: Check for errors
  • Questioning and Posing Problems
  • Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations
  • Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision
  • Gathering Data through All Senses
  • Creating, Imagining, Innovating
  • Responding with Wonderment and Awe
  • Taking Responsible Risks
  • Finding Humor
  • Thinking Interdependently
  • Remaining Open to Continuous Learning

Our Experience with Montessori Education (Parent Note)

We started Montessori education as a pre-school option for my oldest son when he was two years old. We chose Montessori because we believe they make learning fun, and we wanted our son to enjoy his first school, with the hope that it would lead to a life-long love of learning. He learned a lot at a very early age, because it was fun and hands on and he was encouraged to enjoy challenging himself.

When it was time for him to leave for Kindergarten, he was doing so well that we decided to keep him there. He was well ahead of his grade in most areas. My other children joined him there, and eventually we had to decide at what point to assimilate him into the public school system. We decided the beginning of middle school would be a good starting point.

After completing fifth grade, he left Kingwood Montessori a confident learner. When he started middle school, academically he was ahead of most of his peers. Throughout his years there he took all Pre-AP courses and was a straight A student. Upper Elementary has a comprehensive language program, which includes writing book reports etc., so he was already familiar with some of the things he had to do in middle school; and courses such as RELA, which most students reportedly have difficulty with, were very easy for him.

His biggest adjustment involved getting used to a much bigger school compared to Kingwood Montessori, following a bell schedule, and having to sit throughout a lesson. But academically he had a superior experience.

My second son joined him at Creekwood two years later, after finishing fifth grade at Kingwood Montessori. He is also a confident learner, loves to be challenged, takes all Pre AP courses, makes straight A’s; and between the two of them have won several awards at Creekwood.

We have two younger kids currently in Elementary at KM, and we plan to give them the same opportunities that have benefitted their older siblings, and let them finish 5th grade at KM and start middle school in the Public School.

Barbara Hanson

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