Much Ado About Nothing

Liz Pautz

Casting the Characters

Drew Barrymore as Beatrice

Drew Barrymore would be a fantastic actress to take over the role of Beatrice because she has the personality of a humanistic meaning she has a creative, spontaneous, and active way of living. She also concludes to her fans that they don't need a man in their life to be happy, and this is exactly what Beatrice believes in too. Both Beatrice and her obtain stubborn personalities. Barrymore believes that as long as you can make yourself happy and care about other people's well beings at the same time, the life you live will be golden. Both Beatrice and Barrymore are confident, independent women.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Claudio

DiCaprio would act as an amazing Claudio. He has a live stricken heart for the woman that he's in love with. In the movie Titanic, Jack (DiCaprio) instantly falls in love when he first sees Rose, just as Claudio instantly falls in love with Hero the minute he sees her. Both men have a way of "wooing" women when they talk to them, and both are handsome as well. Both Claudio and DiCaprio are humble, but when they get irritated by something, they don't hesitate to let another party know; they both take action upon it quickly and effectively.

Adam Sandler as Benedick

Sandler and Benedick are both hilarious characters; they both are able to make their fans laugh at the way they act in public and by themselves. Both of the men easily make fools of themselves when they try to do certain things when people around them know what's going on. An example of this would be when Benedick pretends to be Claudio at the ball by wearing a mask when Beatrice certainly knows that it is him all along. Also, Sandler can easily been seen as Benedick in the scene where he's trying to impress Beatrice on the balcony but is actually making a fool out of himself.


1. Gender issues/roles between the characters

When the soldiers arrive home to Leonato's town, Claudio and Hero quickly fall in love while Beatrice and Benedick resume their war of witty remarks to each other. Because Hero and Claudio decide to marry within the first week of meeting each other, the friends and family members of both Benedick and Beatrice decide on a plan to make efforts to make the two stop arguing and fall in love with each other. They do this because it is clear that they are meant to be. This introduction leads the play along to the arising issues between the pairs.
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2. Hero is disregarded by her father

This event was a vital scene in this play because it shows how much a woman's purity is valued before she is married. When Claudio accuses Hero of being unpure after "seeing" her make love to Borachio, Hero's father disregards her by saying she would better off be dead by this point. Because he really did believe that Hero was unfaithful to Claudio, he made it clear to her that he was ashamed to be her father.
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3. Borachio is caught, and hero's reputation is renewed

When the night watchmen overhear Borachio bragging that he was apart of the plan to split up Claudio and Hero, they quickly learn that Hero is innocent after all. Claudio eventually finds out that he accused his fiance of something that she didn't do, and even though she's "dead," he still goes to her grave to profess his love and sorrow to her. This point in the play leads up to Claudio waiting at the alter for Hero's cousin when in the end, ends up being Hero herself.
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Britney Spears I'll never stop loving you lyrics
This song applies to the theme chosen because it claims that the person that is mentioned will never stopped being loved by the singer. From then until forever, Claudio will always be Hero's number one, and she wants him to know that she will never do anything to jeopardize that.

Love is respected

In "Much Ado About Nothing," the character's reputation and respect towards others is focused on regularly. Much of the interesting drama happens between Claudio, Hero, and Leonato. When Claudio is lead into the scene where he sees "Hero" being unfaithful to him, he instantly becomes furious and is on a mission to make it clear that Hero is not who she is said out to be. When he ruins her reputation at the alter by exposing to the guests and family as to what she did and by leaving her at the alter, Leonato's vision of his daughter instantly changes. He disclaims her as his daughter and tells her that she'd rather be off dead than alive after what she did. Even though in the end of the play Hero's relationship is restored, there will always be a part of her knowing that she has to maintain the love that she has for both Claudio and her father. She doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize that because she wants Claudio to remain her only man until the day she dies; she does this by taking a vow and marrying him in the end of the play.