Forensic Odontologist

created by: Rachel Leach


Forensic Odontologists are dentists that examine and evaluate evidence relating to teeth or bites in criminal cases. These dentists use their skills and other means of forensic science to create conclusions based on solid evidence presented at the scene.

They can determine what bite is from which person or animal in assault cases, they may identify multiple people who died in plane crashes, or identify individuals who can not be identified by means of physical appearence etc.

Work Environment

The "on call" Odontologists often times work with the forensic team in their locations, such as autopsy rooms. However, it is possible that they take the x-rays and observe them in their own office as well. Most commonly, they will work in a type of lab (below).
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In general, one would need 4-8 years involving forensic (or any related) science and must have a bachelor's degree in dentistry, such as D.M.D. or D.D.S. which is the Doctor of Dental Sugery degree.

In this case, the more qualifications, the better.

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Ranges anywhere from $150,000-$185,000