WJHC Tripwrecked


summery of story

Jackson hill Elementary school is going on a camping trip. They are going because their annual lizard’s peak. The summery is that the bus missed the park and does not now were they are. Ms. Willow is the camp director. Skate is not on the bus and he is the DJ but then Ciel sees him and then he comes on the bus. They don’t know where they are and the bus crashed. Then they make a camp fire and sandy makes dinner for everybody.

story paragraph

Roland likes Janey and thinks that they are going on a date on the trip. Tara brought lots of bags on the trip but it is only a couple of days. Janey came over and made a little bag for her instead. Ms. Willow is the camp director. Skate missed the bus Roland thinks that he has stage fright. Ciel saw skate outside the bus window so she screamed at the bus driver to stop the bus so skate can come on the bus. She did that because he has a main part on the trip he is the DJ. They missed the turn and got lost and the bus parked in a forest type place. Sandy made dinner for everybody and a camp fire. They then told scare stories. Roland found the bus and saved the day

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