The Three Little Mouses

Colton Hale B3


Once upon a time there were three little mouses who loved to play in the rain.Then one day a cat came and saw the mice and wanted to eat them so the mice scattered.They all went to their houses and hid but the cat came after them.

Rising Action

Then the cat came to one of the mouses house.The cat tried so hard to get the mouse but the mouse ran the opposite direction.Then the cat ran towards the mouse and caught the mouse ate the mouse then the cat threw the mouse up.


So then the cat went to the second mouses house then the cat ate the house but didn't eat the two mouses.Then the mouses had the winning point by now and they were felling happy so they went outside to play soccer.Then the cat ran up the mouses then the cat slipped on a banana.

Falling Action

Then the cat came back two hours later to finish the mouses, so the cat can eat the mouses for dinner.So the cat dressed up as a big mouse to get in the house.So the three little mouses invited the cat in the house and all of a sudden the cat took off the big mouse costume and the mouses be lined for the door and the house fell on the cat


So the three little mouses made a new house and had fun everyday.So they played soccer versing each other and they had so much fun.The mouses invited 300 mouses to their new house and they had party.
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