Wendy Sheldrick

Earth-Environmental Science

Personal Information

I am married with one son. He goes to the Citadel Military College of SC and wants to be a Naval Officer. Bummer that it happens to be Charleston and I have to visit him often. (HAHA)

My passion is environmental conservation. I was raised in Battle Creek Michigan. My Dad worked at Kelloggs and he was also passionate about the environment. We spent much time outdoors, camping, fishing, ice fishing, sledding, ice skating, canoeing, etc. And he taught me many things about nature and conservation. One thing he told me was to always leave a place better than you found it, even if you just pick up a gum wrapper. Now, I drive my friends and family crazy with my picking up litter, making them use renewable bags, not allowing plastic water bottles, etc. When my husband and I go out to eat we carry our own container (in a pretty little bag) to the restaurant to take our leftovers home! My hobbies are gardening, walking on beaches, shell (and litter) collecting,

Professional Experience

I did not go to college until I was 35. I was the first one in my family to ever go to college. I started teaching at Garringer High School in Charlotte where I taught Biology. It was a very rough school, but I wanted the roughest, toughest school because I wanted to make a difference. I lasted 4 years there and then transferred to Butler High School where I taught Earth and Environmental Science for 7 years.

I started teaching online 4 years ago and I love it!

Keys for Success

One key to my student success is constant communication. I like to establish a positive relationship with the parents at the very start. That way they know I am on their side and we both want their student to succeed. I have found that parent relationships are my best tool.

Some tips for student success is to set the right tone. I find that many teenagers are defensive at first, but when they realize that I am on their side, I get better results. I never make them feel bad about missing an assignment or turning in unsatisfactory work. I just keep encouraging them to do better. It works with most of them