A place of wonder and opportunity

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Be the first to live in a Minnesota home like this!

Majestic Land and Water

Minnesota has an abundance of land and water for the taking- and it could be yours! Minnesota is the state to be in, with beautiful sparkling lakes and rivers, and fertile land perfect for growing crops. Minnesota is the star of the country when it comes to the perfect land!

Hurry in- Land filling up!

People are starting to pile into Minnesota ever since it became a territory- but there is still room for more! Minnesota is very desirable for its resources, and because it's the land where no banks exist. Sickness doesn't either since the cold weather freezes the virus away.

Top-Notch Education

Harriet Bishop became the first Minnesota schoolteacher in 1857. Minnesota provides great education- yet another reason to come to the rapidly improving territory of Minnesota just got better!

A New Minnesota Life

Minnesota is perhaps the most striking feature in the natural aspect of the country. And you could live here! Everybody gets along here too, even the rich and the poor. Still, there is a big difference, especially for women.
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The map above depicts the beautiful Minnesota territory.