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A woman got "Taken" away by a shark

Christine Armstrong "Taken"

Christine Armstrong was a 63 year old women who was "Taken" by a shark. As she was swimming with her local friends and her husband.


  • Killed on popular beach; Tathra, Village in Australia
  • Part of remains found on Thursday April, 3
  • She had been swimming at that beach every morning for 14 years
  • They later saw a shark about 11ft long (3-4 meters)

Past attacks

  • There was 2 shark attacks that same week as Christine.
  • On Wednesday a body of a 38 year old man who was missing while diving with friends on west coast, found with shark bites.
  • There has been 892 shark attacks in Australia since records began in 1781 and of those 217 have be fatal.


"Swimming brought her much joy and many friends"

-Her family said

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