Will Choi - New York City

Golsie Achiever Profile

Will, a 32-year-old New Yorker working in finance, has a very active lifestyle. His passions include snowboarding, running, hiking, biking, and basketball, and Will loves the thrill of a challenge. When one of his avid runner friends sent him an e-mail saying 7 friends signed up for the Brooklyn-Half Marathon, he got really inspired. He thought it would be a great challenge personally, but there was a problem - the marathon was only one month away, and he could not bear finishing last among his buddies. Regardless, Will knew that if he set out with a great plan, then he could bring home a respectable time!


Since it was Will's first race over 5k, he had some homework and asked some friends to set an attainable yet challenging goal for him. Next, he set some major milestones to keep him on track!

On race day Will finished in 1hr 54min - not only did he achieve his goal, but he also beat most of his friends. When asked what he would have done differently, Will said, "In addition to setting my goals clearly, I would have shared them early with more friends! MY friends will remind me of why I committed to this!” Will plans to run another half marathon in 2014 upping his target time to under 1hr 40min.

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