Timeshare - Cyclops Island!

Starting price - just $85 per night!

Everyone's coming to Cyclops Island!

This island has recently become a big touristic paradise for those ready for an exciting adventure in the wild. It's picturistic views captures the adoration of people near and far. The cavern in one of the many mountains scattered about the island and the beautiful sea offers hours of fun! Even the animals provide a nice touch to the picture-perfect view!

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Starting price - just $85 per night!

Sure, there are other places..

But they do not offer the connection with Mother Nature like we do! Where else can you find giant friendly men to help you with whatever is on your mind and cute animals for you and your family to hang out with? No where! And with the quiet bay, the comfy cavern, and the wild honey flowers, I'm sure you won't want to leave. Ever.