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Greetings! It was a pleasure to have you in FACDEV 212. Although I must confess to having a few eye-popping moments when seeing how many unread discussion posts I had to read, I quickly found myself smiling when reading all those posts... It was obvious that you not only read each other's posts, but thought about them and crafted some really insightful replies. I loved seeing all of the ideas you shared, questions you asked, and encouragement that you provided to each other. I hope your own online classrooms are as fun, interesting, and dynamic as this one!

~ Marsha

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Some great insights and ideas shared in class by a faculty member from a previous section of FACDEV212...

  • Arrive early to class and witness every student entering the room.
  • Make it a point to greet each student with a handshake, and try to remember their name.
  • Ask the students to introduce themselves and what operating system (OS) they use at home.[Note: In other classes, I'll change topic from OS to one that relate to the course.]
  • Online: In Discussions – Introductions, I made it a point to thank military personnel for their service to the country. Many students in the class were either active duty or veterans. As an Army veteran myself, I enjoyed discussion with them about their military life and career goals.
  • Ensure that the lectures are not replays of the students online activities. Summarize what was covered and expand on important topics and relate them to real world scenarios.
  • Engage the students during lectures. For example, if Microsoft Windows OS was covered in the online labs, discuss it and then ask the class about other operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, and Apple's OSX.
  • Go over the syllabus in depth. Some students do not read the entire syllabus or do not understand what is expected of them. Ensure the students understands what's required to pass the course – somewhat like a contract between them and the University.
  • Some students fell behind because they failed to meet milestones. Although I reminded these students of this, I should have reiterated it more frequently.
  • Use LEO to it's potential!

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