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Google Forms -- Working smarter, not harder

You may not have realized this but every CHA teacher has used Google Forms this year (you filled out the clothes sizes form that was emailed). This week, even a few of our parents have used a Google form (Cowtown 5k signup form from Coach T.). The great thing about a Google form is that all information submitted through the form is automatically populated in a spreadsheet that only the form creator can see. It's a huge time saver.

Now that we've all used a form, the next step is to learn how to create one using your school Google Apps account. A training has been scheduled for the not too distant future but if you're ready to learn sooner than later, just let me know.

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Ever Heard of GoSoapBox?

GoSoapBox is a free tool that allows you to check student understanding regardless of content area. With GoSoapBox you're able to easily create formative assessments, polls, Q&A sessions, etc. that students use their iPads to interact with. Once students have completed an activity, the data is available for download. You should definitely check this out. See the following video for more information. Overview

Teacher Spotlight

Mrs. Monroe is Using Google Classroom!

Mrs. Monroe introduced Google Classroom to her kids before the break and this week she's posted a reading passage for the kids. She's even posted a quiz and used the Google Classroom app, Flubaroo, to grade it. The Flubaroo app even generated a spreadsheet and populated it with the quiz data automatically.

Anyway, Mrs. Monroe is pretty excited about how Google Classroom will enhance the learning experiences she creates for her kids. If you have a second, check in with her to see what she's up to.

P.S. Mr. Shephard has also started using Google Classroom with his groups but he doesn't want anyone to know yet (so let's keep that between us).