The life of the Plymouth!!!!

By: Makenna Created:November 10,2014

How did Plymouth come to be?

Plymouth was started by Captain John Smith/named and surveyed by Smith. Plymouth people survived/went from 1620-1691!!!!!!Captain Massoit helped the colony establish a treaty, which helped the colony to ensure their success.
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Some hardships that the Plymouth faced!!!!!!!

Many Plymouth settlers faced diseases like...Scurvy, Pneumonia, starvation, and severe weather!!Scurvy is the lack of Vitamin C. The Plymouth/Pilgrims did not have access to any fresh fruits before the Columbian Exchange.

What Pilgrims did to survive!!!!!!!!Click Below.

The Plymouth rock!!!!!This is the first rock to ever be stepped on by the Plymouths/Pilgrims.

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Pilgrims being awesome!!!!!!!!When Pilgrims were there, it was not fair that th English took their HOME!!!

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