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November 6, 2020

From the Principal's Office:

Although this school year has been unlike any other, we are wrapping up the first trimester of the 2020-2021 school year. The first trimester of this school year ends today, November 6, 2020. Teachers are preparing reports of student learning. Report cards will be mailed home on Friday, November 13, 2020. Please watch your mail.

This is the season of gratitude. I am grateful for the support I see from families as we work together, meet challenges, and teach remotely. I am grateful for Westbrook teachers and staff who continue to engage with our young learners each and every day providing opportunities for them to learn and grow. Preparations for hybrid learning are continuing and we look forward to welcoming students back to school in the future.

On Wednesday, November 11, 2020 Mount Prospect local Veteran's Day Celebration will be streamed live at 10:00 a.m. You can watch live at 10:00 a.m. (click this link for the live stream).

Happy Veterans Day

Susan Woodrow

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Positions Available at Westbrook School

Are you looking for a little extra spending money? How about a way you can serve your child’s school? If so, consider applying online to be an instructional assistant or a substitute. The district website has the specific job descriptions and requirements. Here is information on how to become a substitute teacher.

If you are interested in being an instructional assistant, or substitute feel free to contact Tom O’Rourke at the District 57 Administration Office (847-394-7300 x1010) for more information, or please click here and start an application.

Calendar Reminders

November 6 --- End of Trimester

November 13 - Report Cards Mailed

November 23 - November 27 --- Thanksgiving Break

November 30 --- Classes Resume

December 21 -- Winter Break Begins

January 4 -- Classes Resume

Friendly Reminder from the Westbrook Office!

  • If your student will be absent, late, has a doctor appointment or any information about attendance, please email the office AND your teacher. The office email is
  • Please notify the office if your mailing address, email, or phone numbers have changed. We are mailing report cards and would like to make sure that we have your most current information.

Physical Therapy Bite...

Let’s address core muscle strength! Core muscle strength is necessary for both fine motor and gross motor development. Children with weak CORE muscles often struggle with maintaining a good sitting posture during academic tasks at their desk, struggle with balance and coordination and have difficulty performing self-care tasks such as putting on their shoes and socks.

What Are core Muscles?

Core muscles are located in your back, shoulders and abdominal. Children build their Core muscles by running, biking, swimming, playground play and much more. These days, children are doing less and less unstructured gross motor play.

Listed below are examples of activities to do at home that build core muscles.

1) Wheelbarrow Walk - Hold your child’s feet and have him/her walk on their hands.

2) Bearwalk and Crabwalk- this can be easily performed around the house

3) Downward Dog – Have your child place their hands and feet on the floor in an inverted V shape. Hold that pose for 10 seconds at least.

4) Leg Lifts – Have your child lie on their back on the floor with legs stretched out straight. Have him/her lift both legs straight up to the ceiling and then slowly back down. Do as many as possible.

5) Chores – kids can help bring groceries in from the car, pull a wagon, push a stroller, take out garbage or carry a full laundry basket.

6) Play a round of tug of war.

Remember have fun and stay active!

Suzana Jelenkovic PT, DPT

Mrs. Stortz Tech Tidbits

Click the button for information on taking a picture in SeeSaw!

Optional Gift for Teachers:

In the past, our wonderful parent community has supported our teachers and classroom libraries with the gift of a book during the book fair. If you are interested in purchasing a book for your teacher's classroom library, please choose a favorite book for your student's teacher. Please do not feel obligated, this is completely optional. If you decide to choose a book for your child’s teacher, please drop it off at Westbrook in the bin marked Teacher Book Donation (outside, near the library book checkout bins). Please label your donated book with your student's name and the classroom teacher's name. Thank you!

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