Amsterdam, Netherlands

My trip and back

June 1st-5th, 2014

For 5 days I will be staying in Amsterdam, Netherlands to explore their culture and what's special to their society. Amsterdam is known for its theatrical arts, museums, and night life.


I will be traveling by plane to and from Amsterdam; for $2,550 I have purchased a round trip and 4 night stay in the Steigenberger Airport Hotel. For mode of transportation around Amsterdam I will be walking, I have done research and found that Amsterdam isa very "walkable" city.

Site seeing

Amsterdam's culture revolves around the fine arts. The city is full of museums and theaters and plenty other entertainment to keep you busy (and informed) for days!

I will be visiting 2 museums and a theatre for a ballet production. I am a dancer so not only does this keep me on track of my cultural pilgrimage but I enjoy it aswell! I am going to be visiting Bijlmer Parktheater the second day of my trip, this costs $10 per show. The following two days will be dedicated to visiting the Anne Frank house ($12 entry) and the Hemp Museum ($12 entry).


Transportation: $2,550

Sight seeing: $34

Remaining in budget: $416

Considering I usually only eat once a day I didn't budget in food because I had a budget of $416 left from other expenses. What I am doing with this is using the remaining money to supply food and or night time entertainment.


Food: (all under $20)

Breakfast on the canal- Kaffe De Hoek

Lunch- Bouchon Du Centre

Dinner on the canal- Goodies

Nightlife: (under $20 entry)

Amsterdam is known for its clubs and afterlife so I will be visiting a few with some free time and budgeting.

- Club Trouw

- Studio 80